For all courses in LingoDeer, the following content is available for free:

  • everything in Alphabet
  • everything in Unit One (e.g. "Basics" in German I; "Nationality" in Japanese I
    including the Review section
  • Test Outs for all units in the main course
  • everything in the Travel Phrasebook (including the Review section, which is specific to the Phrasebook)
  • the first lesson of the Beginner I and Beginner II units in Fluent                                                                             (including a Fluent-specific Review section, with games!)

The remaining content, as well as the Offline Learning and Cross-Device Synchronization functions require a LingoDeer premium membership. 

Just between us - if you're taken to a sales page when you're tryng free content (e.g. after Lesson 1), remember: it's just an ad! You can still access all the free learning features listed above - just close the ad to continue your language journey.

You can check prices and offers on the Membership page in the iOS/Android app or on our website ( Prices are shown in local currency. Offers for different regions and platforms may vary.

We offer discounts alongside new product launches and also throughout the year in celebration of international holidays. 

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