In short, LingoDeer teaches languages – not just their separate parts.

Grammar, the system that governs these parts, is generally considered to be the most difficult aspect of a language to learn, particularly outside of the classroom. So while most other apps settle for standard word lists and phrasebooks as the foundations of their lessons, LingoDeer tackles the much greater challenge – emphasizing grammar alongside vocabulary to help you fully master your chosen language.

But is grammar really that important?

Yes! Learning a language without understanding its underlying principles is like building a house without blueprints. It may appear complete from a distance. But upon closer inspection, you notice that the hallways lead to nowhere and the staircases are only half complete. There’s no way to get from one place to another!

Similarly, with languages, you need a strong mental framework to connect the individual components. So LingoDeer guides you through the unique grammatical system of your chosen language and teaches you like a real professional teacher would – by understanding the relationships between vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and sentence structure, and tying them all together.

Sound like a lot of work? It’s not! Learning a language with LingoDeer can actually be much quicker than learning with other apps. And LingoDeer makes it fun and easy, too.

Here’s how:

Gamification: Each LingoDeer lesson is set up as a series of engaging games and quizzes to help you tap into the right side of your brain for a more effective and creative learning experience.

 Strategic Pacing: LingoDeer’s lesson plans are expertly designed to gradually introduce more advanced grammatical devices as you reach new milestones to help you master the natural speech patterns of your chosen language.

 Learning Tips: LingoDeer provides you with easy-to-understand grammar study notes at the beginning of each module to help prime your understanding before diving into new lessons. Each card is concise, intuitive, and perfect for quick reference down the line.

• Customization: To help maximize your learning potential, LingoDeer allows you to customize your study environment. You can magnify or shrink text, toggle between fonts, and even choose your own background color.