You can cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription at any time by following the instructions below. 

But rest assured: you will still have access to premium content until the end of your subscription period.


Uninstalling the app will not cancel your subscription. 

Deleting your account also does not cancel your subscription

To cancel your automatic renewal, please follow the steps below. 


Click on the link for the corresponding purchase channel to access instructions.

And don't forget that you can always contact us at if you have any further questions or queries. 

Remember to whitelist us so you can see our responses! (If you’ve forgotten, check your spam folder)

If you purchased through the Apple App Store

  1. Open the Settings app on your Apple device.
  2. Tap your name.
  3. Tap “Subscriptions”.
  4. Tap the subscription that you want to manage. 
  5. Tap “Cancel Subscription”.
  • Don't see the subscription you're looking for?

Please check that you’re signed into the same AppleID you used to purchase your membership.

  • Can’t remember which AppleID you used?

Please contact Apple.

If you purchased through Google Play

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your phone or tablet.
  2. Check that you’re signed into the Google Account you purchased your membership with.
  3. Tap “Menu – Subscriptions”.
  4. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  5. Tap “Cancel Subscription”.
  6. Follow the instructions to complete the cancellation process.
  • Forgot which Google Account you used for your membership?

Please contact Google.

If your payment was made through PayPal

  1. Go to or your PayPal app.
  2. Log into your PayPal account.
  3. Click on the Settings icon (located in the top right, see pics below for reference).
  4. Then click on “Payments”.
  5. Click "Manage automatic payments"
  6. Under "Show Active", find "LINGODEER PTE. LTD"
  7. Click Cancel
  • Don't see the subscription you're looking for?
    • Check under “Show Inactive” – if your auto-renewal has already been cancelled, "LINGODEER PTE. LTD" will appear under "Show Inactive".

This is also a quick and easy way to check if your cancellation was successful. 

Remember to log out and log back in again first.

  • Still can’t find it? please check that you’re signed into the same PayPal account you used to purchase your membership.
  • Please note  if you signed up through Guest Pay and later created a PayPal account, your subscription information does not automatically transfer. You will need to contact us at to cancel your subscription
  • Can’t remember which PayPal account you used?

Please contact PayPal.

If you paid through Guest Pay, purchased directly on our website with your credit card, 

or used another payment method not listed above

  1. Please contact us at to cancel your subscription.
  2. Please let us know the email address you provided at the time of purchase.
  3. If you paid through Guest Pay, please also provide us with your PayPal transaction ID (if you still have this information).