Every language course (level 1 & 2 combined) is designed to take a complete beginner to an intermediate level

Our courses cover the most essential sentence patterns and grammar concepts required in the A1-B1 levels, or 90% of the grammar taught in beginner textbooks (such as Genki, Integrated Chinese, Integrated Korean, etc). Click here to read more about our methodology.

Once you reach intermediate level, you will need a lot more tools and resources to advance to upper-intermediate and above. No app or podcast alone is sufficient. 

After completing a course, learners should be able to talk about themselves, explain thoughts and opinions, interpret/solicit information, and understand simple dialogues and audio announcements in the target language.

Learning outcomes and the time needed to achieve them will depend on each person's pace and learning style. 

Learners who aim to work or study with the target language should supplement their learning with as much material in the target language as possible, such as listening to podcasts or the radio, watching videos, and reading books in their chosen language. 

Thank you for your interest in LingoDeer! And members, thank you for your continued support!