We're so glad you're enjoying LingoDeer enough to upgrade to a lifetime subscription!

During promotion events, you'll be able to purchase a lifetime subscription at our promotional price by clicking on the banner or link in our website. Once you've purchased your lifetime membership, please remember to cancel your previous subscription (so you don't get double charged)! 

If you purchased your previous subscription through Apple, Google (or another third party platform), you can now ignore any emails from them reminding you that your (previous) LingoDeer subscription is about to expire.

To upgrade your subscription at any other time (outside promotions), please contact our support team via the in-app “Contact Us” link (ME>>Contact Us), or by email at hi@lingodeer.com and provide us with:

  • your LingoDeer login email; and
  • a screenshot / attachment showing your latest membership deduction. 

If you originally purchased through the Apple App Store, please also remember to cancel your previous subscription - we're not yet able to do this on your behalf.

As a gesture of appreciation, we also offer upgrading members the following discounts on their lifetime membership (please note that these discounts do not apply during our promotional events):

1 month's subscription fee
1 quarter's subscription fee
Annual - upgrading within 6 months of purchase / renewal 
1 year's subscription fee
Annual - upgrading after > 6 months of purchase / renewal
50% of the annual subscription fee

Happy learning!