Yes, if you’d like to change the login credentials of your LingoDeer account, please contact our support team  ( and we’ll take care of it for you. Specific information is provided below in relation to:

Please note:

  1. The login method can only be changed from third-party login to email, and cannot be changed from email to third-party, nor can it be switched between third-party methods.
  2. If your login method is third-party login before modification, changing the account email will automatically switch the login method from third-party login to email login.

Rest assured that your learning progress and other settings from both LingoDeer and LingoDeer Plus (where applicable) will not be affected by the change.


Please let us know:

  • your old LingoDeer account email
  • the new email you'd like to have linked to your account

Please note that the new email needs to be 

  1. a valid address; and 
  2. not previously registered with LingoDeer as an email/password login method

For example, let's say my current LingoDeer account email is 

I now want to use as my new LingoDeer account email. 

And also happens to be the email I use for my Facebook account.

Then this means that:


in addition to 

I register and login to LingoDeer with my Facebook account only
I can use as my new email
I use my Facebook account as one of my LingoDeer logins, and I've also registered an email/password account on LingoDeer using 
I won't be able to use as my new email

Getting your password

Once your LingoDeer account has been linked to your new email address, you will receive an email (at the new address) with a system generated temporary password. 

You can change the password to one that's easy for you to remember by:

  • in-app:  going to "ME >> Profile >> Settings >> Change Password"; or
  • on our website: clicking on your profile picture (in the top right hand corner), selecting "Settings" from the drop-down menu and following the prompts

Quirks to know about LingoDeer's registration system

  1. Logging in via email/password, Google, Facebook and Apple ID will create four different accounts. Even if the Google, Facebook and Apple ID accounts are all linked to the same email.
  2. We can help you change from a third party (Google / Facebook / Apple ID) login method to an email/password login method, and you will be able to keep the same account without losing your progress and other data. However, we cannot switch your existing email/password account to one that uses a third party login method.