During bundle promotions, we understand you may have some questions. Here are some answers to common inquiries:

Activation of LingoDeer Plus

Upon purchasing a bundle, your LingoDeer Plus account is automatically activated. No additional steps are required, and your login credentials remain the same as for LingoDeer.

LingoDeer Plus is DeerPlus

LingoDeer Plus is synonymous with DeerPlus.

Subscription Display

If you purchase a bundle through the app, you may notice that only your LingoDeer lifetime membership appears in the subscriptions section, without LingoDeer Plus. Rest assured, our system automatically handles the authorization for your LingoDeer Plus membership.

Separate Subscriptions

Generally, LingoDeer and LingoDeer Plus memberships need to be subscribed to separately since they are two different apps. However, during bundle sales, we may offer combined memberships. Therefore, please carefully read the information on the purchase page before proceeding.

Upgrading Existing Membership

If you're interested in a bundle sale but already have a lifetime membership for one of the included products and wish to upgrade, please reach out to hi@lingodeer.com for assistance with manual upgrading.