Before purchasing a membership, it's crucial to register a LingoDeer account to ensure proper binding between the membership and your account. Each membership can only be associated with one account, and each account can have only one profile.

Contrary to what you might expect, memberships are not directly tied to the devices you use or the device used for purchase. This means that as long as you log in to the same premium membership account across different devices, all your account data will automatically synchronize across these devices.

In summary, the relationship between membership, account, and devices is as follows:

Membership & Account

Each membership is linked to a single LingoDeer account, and each account has its own profile.

- Membership & Devices

Memberships are not device-specific; they are tied to your account. You can access premium features on any device by logging in with your premium membership account.

Account & Devices

Your account data, including progress and achievements, automatically syncs across devices when you log in with the same account.

Ensuring you have a registered account before purchasing a membership allows for seamless access and synchronization of your learning experience across different devices.