Your display language will be the language your course is taught in (i.e. if you’re learning Japanese in English, your display language will be English). Read on for instructions on how to change the language used for teaching:

On the mobile app 

To change the in-app display language, go to the “directory” by 


going to the home screen of the ‘LEARN’ tab and clicking the ‘Menu’ icon at the top left hand corner


going to the ‘ME’ tab and clicking on ‘Language learning’

Once in the “directory”: 

click on the grey arrow at the top of the pop-up screen, and choose your preferred display language

On the browser version

To change the display language

1. In the 'LEARNING' home screen, 
    click on the flag icon next to your 
    profile picture (or the sign-in button)
2. Click "Add a Course"
3. Choose the language you want your 
course to be taught in