OK, heads up - this will be a bit of a long article, since we've actually consolidated 3 questions into 1!

Note that we usually recommend completing Level 1 of the language course before starting Fluent, 

but this is not a prerequisite.

1. Where do I find 'Fluent'?

You can go into the ‘Fluent’ module in one of two ways: 

1. Go to the home screen of the ‘LEARN’ tab 

    and click the ‘Menu’ icon at the top left hand corner


2. Go to the ‘ME’ tab and click on ‘Language learning’


- select your language, and choose ‘Fluent’ 

* ‘Fluent’ for French is located under the French Accelerated course


2. What is 'Fluent', and what features does it have?

‘Fluent’ is our extended learning module, currently available for Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. It's a series of dialogue based lessons designed to build your conversation skills.

Key content for each lesson, focusing in particular on new grammar structures, are introduced in the ‘Key Points’ section, which we recommend reading before you start the audio lesson. Learning content is further reinforced through speaking and writing exercises. 

Use the search function at the top right hand corner to filter lessons by topic and level of difficulty.



There are also tools in the audio lesson itself to help you work through this more challenging module.

1. Click on the “Language” icon at the top right hand corner 

    to turn translations on and off.

2. To see the translation/definition of an individual word, click on that word.

3. Consolidate your learning by listening to the dialogue again 

    using different options:

    a. use the “show meaning” option to see the literal definition of each word 

        as it’s being read out; the arrows let you set how long the pause is 

        between each word

    b. use the “low speed” option to hear the entire conversation 

        read at a slower pace

    c. use the “fast speed” option to hear the entire conversation 

       read at pace that’s normal for native speakers

    d. click on the “Speaker” icon at the start of each speech bubble 

        to hear that section of the conversation read individually 

3. Revision for 'Fluent'

Don’t forget to practice after finishing your lesson! 

Go to the “REVIEW” tab for:

  1. Games that help you practice reading, listening and spelling;
  2. A comprehensive word list covering vocab from your completed lessons, conveniently generated into flashcards. You can “star” these for added customization when you do revision in the Games section; and
  3. A collection of the Key Points from all the lessons you’ve completed (which you can again “star” to find your favorites more easily); and
  4. A consolidated list of your “starred” lessons, so you can easily go over them again for revision.