You’ll find the Travel Phrasebook in the “directory” of language courses. 

You can go to the "course directory" in one of two ways:

1. Go to the home screen of the ‘LEARN’ tab 

   and click the ‘Menu’ icon at the top left hand corner; 


2. Go to the ‘ME’ tab and click on ‘Language learning’

Now you’re in the directory! Select your language, and choose ‘Travel Phrasebook’.


The Travel Phrasebook is a collection of words, phrases and sentences that you’ll find useful when you visit the country of your chosen language. It’s sorted by topic, and has everything from dating to useful words for emergency situations (not just travel – so don’t be misled by the name!) Each entry is read out to you by a native speaker, and you can repeat and record yourself for practice. 


Entries that you’ve listened to become Flashcards in the ‘REVIEW’ tab so that it’s easy to do revision. You can also “star” your favorite entries for extra practice — they’ll appear in the ‘Favorite’ section of the ‘REVIEW’ tab