Absolutely no problems! We have three dedicated sections that let you do exactly that.

1. Story-Speaking 

(or ‘Conversation Practice–Speaking’ for French Accelerated)

This section takes you line by line through the conversation in the previous ‘Story-Reading’ / ‘Dialogue Practice’ section, and lets you record your own attempt after listening to a native speaker. You can also choose to share your recording with other users by publishing it to the leaderboard!

2. Travel Phrasebook


If you want extra practice on the pronunciation of words and sentences, then the ‘Travel Phrasebook’ is your go-to place. The Travel Phrasebook is a collection of useful words, phrases and sentences for almost every aspect of day to day life (not just travel!) Listen to a native speaker read each entry, and then repeat and record yourself for practice.

3. Fluent

If you want to try something a bit more challenging, check out our extended learning learning module — Fluent (currently available for Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean and Spanish). Fluent is a series of dialogue based lessons and exercises. The ‘Speaking Exercise’ in Fluent is a great way of building up more sophisticated conversation skills. (Note that we usually recommend completing Level 1 of the language course before starting Fluent, but this is not a prerequisite.)