First and foremost: don’t rush! (we don’t hand out bonus XP or other awards for finishing the lesson faster) Remember that your goal isn’t to get to the end as quickly as possible, but to learn and retain as much as possible. 

So we’ve built in some aids to help you do this.

Take your time and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. 

Your answers aren’t submitted until you click ‘Check’ (and making mistakes is how we learn)

1.   In-app dictionary

If there’s a word you don’t understand in a question, 

you can click on it to get an explanation.

2.   Hear answer options read out to you

Multiple choice questions: 

Instead of rushing to the right answer, click on each picture to hear the word read out to you in your new language (there might be a slight lag time). This is great for building letter and character recognition, and for improving your reading and listening skills. 

Word matching questions:

You can choose to have each of the words read out to you in your new language when you click on them. Turn audio on and off using the speaker icons at the top right hand corner. (mobile app users only)

3.   Adjust the speed of audio


When you're in a lesson, you can  adjust audio speed by 

clicking on the ‘Settings’ icon in the top right hand corner. 

This will change the speed of all audio in the lesson. 

(web and mobile app)


If you feel like you’re not catching everything 

when a new phrase is presented aurally, 

you can change the audio speed (for that phrase only)

by selecting one of the options located under the Deer. 

(mobile app users only)


4.   Record yourself practicing new words


 New phrases in lessons aren't just presented for you to listen to.

 Have a go at saying it yourself too! 

 - Listen

 - Repeat / Record

 - Check / Compare

 Not only does this assist with pronunciation,

 but it'll help you remember the word as well.

5.   Hints for harder questions


In more challenging questions, 

 where you’re asked to form words or sentences yourself, 

 you can get hints to point you in the right direction 

 by clicking on the eye icon near the bottom of the screen.