Q: Does my LingoDeer membership include free access to LingoDeer Plus? 

A: No. LingoDeer Plus is a separate app that offers different learning materials and features. You will need an additional subscription to access LingoDeer Plus.

Occasionally, promotions may include access to LingoDeer Plus. Be sure to review the purchase page for details.

Q: Can I log into LingoDeer Plus with my existing LingoDeer account? 

A: Yes, you can! Once you've activated your LingoDeer Plus subscription, you can login with the same credentials you use for your LingoDeer account.

Q: Can I skip in LingoDeer Plus? 

A: Yes. Most games will allow you to skip levels by passing a short test (often marked by a key icon).

Q: Can I reset my progress in LingoDeer Plus?

A: We’re sorry, but a reset progress option is not yet available for LingoDeer Plus.

Q: Are the levels in LingoDeer Plus mapped to the main LingoDeer course? 

A: No, the levels and content in LingoDeer Plus are independent of the main course in LingoDeer. 

But both have an A1-B1 progression in difficulty. 

Q: What can I do with coins? 

A: Under our product development road map, users will be able to use coins to buy in-game tools, gifts, costumes, and other items that make learning more fun. We're looking forward to surprising you with these features later this year! 

Q: Do you have a website version for LingoDeer Plus?

A: Sorry, LingoDeer Plus doesn't have a website version now.

Q: How do I check my LingoDeer Plus login method (email & password / Google / Facebook)? 

A: There are probably two reasons you'd want to check your login method.

  • If you've forgotten your login details:

Please contact us at hi@lingodeer.com 

We'll confirm what method you previously used to login in and help you switch to a different method if required.

  • If you're logged-in already and just want to check what account you're logged in with
    1. On the home screen, click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner.
    2. Click on your profile picture again (this time it's on the top left).
    3. Your login method will be specified on the top of the next screen.