Q: Can I log into LingoDeer Plus with my existing LingoDeer account? 

A: Yes, you can! 

Q: Does my LingoDeer membership includes free access to LingoDeer Plus? 

A: No. LingoDeer Plus is a separate app that offers different learning materials and features. The apps need to be accessed separately.

Q: Can I skip in LingoDeer Plus? 

A: Yes. Please update LingoDeer Plus to the latest version. Most games allow you to skip levels by passing a short test. 


Q: Are the levels in LingoDeer Plus mapped to the main LingoDeer course? 

A: No, LingoDeer Plus has its own content database that is separate from the main course in LingoDeer. But both have an A1-B1 progression in difficulty. 

Q: What can I do with coins? 

A: In our product development road map, users will be able to use coins to buy in-game tools, gifts, costumes, items that make learning more fun. We're looking forward to surprising you with these features later this year!