1. What's included in the offer?

Purchase annual subscription to LingoDeer and get one-year free access to DeerPlus premium content. The offer is valid Nov 17 ~ Nov 30, 2021 (PT).


2. Can I purchase a different plan and still get free access to DeerPlus?

No. One-year free access to DeerPlus is reserved for users purchasing annual subscription to LingoDeer.


3. Will I have free access to DeerPlus as long as my annual subscription to LingoDeer is active?

No. Your free access to DeerPlus premium content will expire after one year (365 days), while your annual subscription to LingoDeer will renew automatically. If you'd like to continue using DeerPlus, you'll need to purchase a separate subscription plan.


4. What is DeerPlus and how does it differ from LingoDeer?

DeerPlus is an additional app, designed to strengthen our users' memory and grasp on the language via a series of interactive games, while LingoDeer is the main app with the core bulk of our language courses.


5. How do I access DeerPlus after purchase?

Download LingoDeer Plus on App Store or Google Play and sign in using your LingoDeer account.


6. Can I get a refund after purchase?

Yes. If you paid through Apple, please contact Apple to request a refund. If you paid through Google Play or PayPal on lingodeer.com, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.


If you have any questions, contact us at hi@lingodeer.com!